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Page Up-dated 21/06/15.

WV Lined-up in Broadstone 2004.

Ringsend's WV1 in the yard.(28/02/07)


Ringsend's WV2 pictured with it's paper scroll and a bus enthusiast on Westmoreland Street. (23/08/08).


Donnybrook's City imp liveried WV5 is pictured loading at the 145 stop at Bray Dart Station heading for Palermo. (26th August 2004).


Ringsend's WV5 is pictured on Poolbeg Street ready to operate a 150 to Rossmore. (5th February 2000).

Harristown's WV5 & WV8 Displaying Route 161.

Harristown's WV7 27/08/06.

WV 8 In Ringsend Garage 24/09/00.


Ringsend's WV10 in 'City Imp' livery is pictured on D'Olier Street on a 150 to ROSSMORE.

WV 12 In Donnybrook Garage. 15/05/05

Donnybrook's WV13 Looking The Worse For Wear.

Conyngham Road's WV13 On Route 92 From Heuston Station - Leeson Street. (02/09/05)

Conyngham Road's WV14 Route Branded For The 92 St. Stephen's Green - Heuston Station.(23/08/05)


Conyngham Road's Luas-Heuston branded WV14 photographed on Aston Quay operating a 92 to Heuston Station. (13/01/05).


bsboro's RV455 and WV14 are pictured withdrawn from service up at the back of Broadstone Garage. (16th July 2009)


Donnybrook's WV14 is pictured on College Green on a 92 to Heuston Station. (11th March 2005).


Ex.Dublin Bus WV16 withdrawn in Broadstone Garage 04/10/09.


Donnybrook's WV16 photographed at Heuston Station operating route 92 Heuston Stn. - Wilton Terrace. (17/01/05).


Ex.Dublin Bus WV18 photographed down in Dublin Port awaiting shipment to the United Kingdom (06/08/09).

Photograph - Darren Hall.

Clontarf's WV18 Laying Over On Marlboro Street. (31/03/07)


Clontarf's WV18 photographed operating route 103 at the Omni Park Shopping centre Santry. (08/05/09).

More On The WV Class on Here.


Clontarf's WV20 photographed on Amiens Street operating a 130 from Castle Avenue - Talbot Street. (14/07/07).

More On The WV Class on Here.


Clontarf's WV20 operating route 103 photographed at Clontarf Dart station (08/05/09).

Photograph © 2009.

Donnybrook's WV21 At The Turning Circle At Glencullen On The 44B (11/02/06)


Donnybrook's Wrights Crusader2, WV21 is pictured on College Green operating route 92 Heuston Station - Leeson Street. (11th December 2004).


Donnybrook's WV21 is pictured leaving Enniskerry Village on a 185 heading to Bray Station. (5th August 2005).

WV 22.


Summerhill WV22 photographed crossing O'Connell Bridge operating a 123 to Kilnamanagh, Walkinstown. (02/11/10).

WV 23.


Summerhill's WV23 photographed laying over outside 'Eason's' on O'Connell Street. (06/11/06).

WV 25.


 Summerhill's WV25 in the middle of getting a face lift is seen in the sheds at Summerhill garage. (4th July 2006).


Summerhill's Wrights WV26 on it's usual route 123 Kilnamanagh Road - Marino. (01/10/06).

WV 27.

WV 28.


Summerhill's WV28 loading on O'Connell Street. (29/07/09.)


Summerhill's WV28 is seen on O'Connell Street heading Northbound on a 123 to Marino. (28th July 2007).

WV 29.

WV30 operating a 123 on O'Connell Street. 21/05/09.

WV 31.

WV31 in the yard at Summerhill garage.(04/07/06)

WV 32.

WV33 Parked In Summerhill Garage. 21/05/05


Summerhill garage based WV33 loading on O'Connell Street operating cross-city route 123.(05/03/10)

WV 34 On route 123 (Now Summerhill Garage) in 21.08.01

WV 34.

WV37 On Cross-City Route 123. 22/08/05.


Summerhill's WV37 seen loading outside Clerys on a 123 to Drimnagh. (21/08/01).


Broadstone's WV37 in City imp livery is pictured on South Great George's Street on a 19 to Bulfin Road. (2001).


Summerhill's WV38 in City Imp livery seen heading for Drimnagh Road on route 123. (21/11/04).

See more of Darren Hall's work on his Flickr Site.

Summerhill's WV39 in Broadstone garage. (22/01/08)

WV 40.


Summerhill's WV40 is pictured on O'Connell Street lower operating a 123 to Kilnamanagh Road. (14/10/06).


Donnybrook's WV41 operating route 111 Dun Loaghaire - Loughlinstown.(08/05/09).

Photograph © 2009.


Donnybrook's WV41 photographed at the Scenic Glencullen terminus of route 44B. (11/01/11).


Clontarf's WV42 seen passing the I.S.F.C. working a 53 to East wall Road. (14/07/07).


Donnybrook's WV42 is pictured on Boghall Road operating on route 45 to Oldcourt. (13/09/11).


Donnybrook's WV43 seen at the 59 terminus on Pottery Road.(24/04/11).


Clontarf's WV43 pictured on Burgh Quay operating route 53A.

See more of Darren Hall's work on his Flickr Site


Donnybrook's WV44 makes an appearance on the 114 at Blackrock Dart station. (19/03/12).


Donnybrook's WV44 photographed laying over at Blackrock Dart Station after working a 17 from Rialto - Blackrock. (05/02/11).


WV44 pictured at the Dundrum Luas Bus interchange awaiting it's 09:15 44B departure to Glencullen. (20/05/11).

WV 45 In Phibsboro Garage, 10/02/05.


Donnybrook's WV45 is photographed loading at Heuston Station, ready to operate the 11:00 145 to Kilmac. (15/02/12).


Donnybrook's Wrights Crusader2 WV45 is photographed laying over on the N11 near the 145 terminus at Kilmacanogue, Co.Wicklow. (15th February 2012).


Clontarf's City IMP liveried WV45 photographed laying over on Marlborough Street. (21/08/01).


Donnybrook's WV46 laying over at the Dundrum Luas Inter-change awaiting the 16:30 44B departure to Glencullen. (05/01/11).

Ringsend's WV47 On College Green -06/04/07


Donnybrook's WV48 is pictured laying over at the 44 terminus on Pigeon Street. (17/02/12.)


Ringsend's WV49 photographed at 'Pudding Hill Karting Track' on a private hire. (10/04/10).


Donnybrook's WV49 awaits the 13:30 44B departure to Glencullen at the Dundrum Luas interchange. (21/04/12).


Ringsend's WV49 is seen on Dame Street on a 150 to Fleet Street. (August 2004).

Ringsend's WV50 in Broadstone garage. 05/11/08.


WV50 one of Donnybrooks few remaining single deckers is pictured on Georges Street Dun Laoghaire working a 59 to Mackintosh Park. (3th September 2012).


onnybrook's set of WV's lined up in the yard WV50,51,49 and WV50. (13th January 2013).


Ringsend's withdrawn WV51 and Phibsboro's recovery vehicle RU7 in Broadstone garage. (03/02/10).


Ringsend's WV51 is seen on Gollege Street on a 150 from Fleet Street - Rossmore. (7th March 2007).


Donnybrook's WV51 is spotted making a rare city center appearance on Parnell Square West. (16th October 2013).


Donnybrook's WV52 is seen on Charlemont Street operating a 44B to Townsend Street. (28/04/12).


Donnybrook's WV52 is seen at the Jobstown Inn, Blessington Road operating the Tallaght staff ghost bus service to the garage. (05:25am - 04/07/11).


Donnybrook's WV52 is pictured at the rural Glencullen terminus of route 44B. (28th April 2012).


Donnybrook's 1of 2 surviving Wright B6BLE Crusaders WV52 is pictured at the 17 terminus at Bath Place, Blackrock. (30th November 2013).

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