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Page Up-dated 21/11/10.

VG36 The First Wrights Gemini double decker for the Dublin Bus AIRLINK service.

VG36 in it's factory base green colour, photographed upon arrival at Dublin Bus, Broadstone garage.(28/01/09)

Above VG36 just arriving at Broadstone garage from the Graphics contractors. (06/02/09)

Summerhill based VG36 in Broadstone garage.


Summerhill based Wrights Gemini VG38.(07/05/10).

Summerhill's VG47 and the Stores Bus RH52 parked up in Broadstone garage. (13/03/08).


Summerhill's Wrights Gemini VG47 in a revised Airlink livery, photographed handing over on Parnell Square East, operating a 16A to Nutgrove. (22/11/10)


Summerhill's Wrights Gemini VG48 in the new AIRLINK livery, upon arrival at Broadstone garage. (21/02/09).

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