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Page updated 11/01/11.


Above The Old Livery - December 2005.

AV119 July'06.

Summerhill's 747-AIRLINK AV123 loading at 59. (06/08/08)


Summerhill's AV125 in AirLink livery seen loading on O'Connell Street on route 747 Airport Express. (September 2006).


Summerhill's AV127 On O'Connell Street. (18/06/06)

AV129. (14/08/06)


Brand new VG36.

VG36 in Broadstone garage with it's base coat green livery.

VG36 in Broadstone garage with it's complete Airlink livery. (06/02/09)


Summerhill's Wrights Gemini VG48 in the new AIRLINK livery, upon arrival at Broadstone garage. (21/02/09).

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