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Page Updated 07/04/16.
Below Are Just Some Of The Buses Which Over The Years Operated On Wedding Duties for Dublin Bus.

Our Thanks To Patrick Losty And Gavin Ward For Their Help In This Photo Feature.

KD366 At Dun Laoghaire Station - 05/10/91.

Picture - Patrick Losty

RH3 & 39 In Phibsboro Garage.-13/06/93.

Picture - Patrick Losty.

RH3 On O'Connell St. - 20/08/91.

Picture - Patrick Losty.

Ringsend's RH9 On College Green. - 28/10/93.

Picture - Patrick Losty.

Summerhill's RH24 On Marlborough St. - 02/08/92.

Picture - Patrick Losty.

RH39 In Phibsboro Garage. - 09/06/96.

Picture - Patrick Losty

Donnybrook's RH41 On Hawkins St. - 11/11/90.

Picture- Patrick Losty.

Conyngham Road's RH65 In the Phoenix Park. - 27/06/92.

Picture - Patrick Losty.

Conyngham Road's RH81

RH81 & RH82 In Abbey St. - 23/11/91.
Picture Patrick Losty.

Conyngham Road's RH82 In Abbey St. - 30/03/91.

Picture - Patrick Losty.

Donnybrook's RH147 At Dun Laoghaire Station On The 46A - 18/08/92.

Picture - Patrick Losty.

Clontarf's RH154 On Marlborough St. - 03/09/93.

Picture - Patrick Losty.

Donnybrook's RA179 On Burgh Quay On The 7. -25/08/94.

Picture - Patrick Losty.


Donnybrook's Wedding liveried RA179 photographed loading on Eden ready to depart on Xpresso route 7X.

Conyngham Road's RA228 Navan Road. - 09/09/95.

Picture -Patrick Losty.


Conyngham Road's wedding bus liveried RA228 is pictured at the 66 terminus on Middle Abbey Street.

Conyngham Road's RA229 In Phibsboro Garage. - 23/06/95

Picture - Patrick Losty.

Ringsend's RA230 And RH9 In The Garage. - 27/08/95.

Picture - Patrick Losty.

Summerhill's RA242 O'Connell Street - 15/10/95.

Picture - Patrick Losty.

Donnybrook's RV328 - 20/06/97

Pictures - Patrick Losty.

Donnybrook's RV329 - 08/02/98.

Picture - Patrick Losty.

Phibsboro's RV538.

Phibsboro's RV538,410 &411 In the Yard. - 25/07/99.

Picture - Patrick Losty.

RV630 In Broadstone Garage. -05/03/00

Picture - Patrick Losty.

Donnybrook's AV90. (10/04/05)

AV224 The Honeymoon Is Over. (24/08/05)



Phibsboro's AV225 in Wedding livery is pictured on Dame Street on a 39 to Hawkins Street. (3th July 2004)

Donnybrook's AV265. (18/06/06)


Donnybrook's Wedding Bus Liveried AV265 is seen loading at the 11 stop outside the Savoy. (September 2004).


Phibsboro's Wedding Bus liveried AV279 is seen on Parnell Square on a 120 to Cathal Brugha Street. (11th June 2004).

AV280 15/04/04 In Tyrellstown.

Harristown's AV281.

Conyngham Road's AV353 In Ballyfermot Road Church.


Conyngham Road's Wedding Bus AV353 on a Private Hire in Broadstone garage. (04/10/09).

AV381. Having Scroll Problems.

AV381 In Damastown. - 16/07/06

Phibsboro's Brand New AV382 Before Entering Service(23/07/04)

Ringsend's AV383 On Fleet Street. -30/07/06.

AV384 Ringsend Garage. (30/04/06)

Summerhill's AV416 On A Wedding Trip.

Picture - Adrian Jackson - Phibsboro Garage.

Picture - Gavin Ward.


AV418 (05/07/05)


Summerhill's Wedding bus liveried AV419 is pictured at Penneys on O'Connell Street with Leyland Olympian (Molly2) RH31 in the Backround. (31st May 2013).

AX446 Before Entering Service. (07/09/05)

Below On Duty


Ringsend's wedding bus liveried ALX400 AX494 is seen leaving Fleet Street on a 150 to Rossmore. (9th December 2012).


Conyngham Road's Wedding Bus EV64 on a Private Hire in Broadstone garage. (04/10/09).


EV64  is seen laying over in the Maintenance sheds at Donnybrook depot. (10th November 2014).


Clontarf's Wedding bus liveried EV89 is seen at Heuston station ready to operate the 53B to Dublin Port. 19th April 2012.


Broadstone based Volvo Gemini VG9 is pictured in Lucan awaiting it's 07:50 25X departure to Belfield. (29th April 2010).


VG9 photographed laying over at the I.B.M. facility Damastown. (30/09/09).


Broadstone based Wright Gemini VG9 in Wedding Bus livery is pictured laying over at Heuston station operating route 91 O'Connell bridge to Heuston station. (26th January 2010).


Broadstone based wedding bus liveried Wrights Gemini VG10 is picture on O'Connell Street. (21st May 2011).


Broadstone based Wrights Gemini VG10 photographed in the Glenview Hotel car park, Glen Of The Downs, Co.Wicklow (29/07/10).


Dublin Bus Wedding liveried fleet VG10, EV64 AV353 and VG9 are lined up on display in Broadstone Garage. (04/10/09).
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