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Photo 1 - Conyngham Road's RV517 is pictured laying over at the 78A terminus at Liffey Valley Shopping Centre. (09/04/05).

Photo 2- Phibsboro's RV350 wears an all-over advertisement for 'Heinz' and is seen on Oxmantown Road working route 172. (18/08/06)

Photo 3 - Donnybrook's RV422 wearing a colourful all-over wrap for 'Robinson's' is pictured at the 45A terminus at Ballywaltrim, Bray. (30/10/05).

Photo 4- Donnybrook's RV412 in an all-over wrap for 'Reebok' is seen on Stannaway Road in Crumlin operating route 18 to Palmerstown Cemetary. (11/09/05).

Photo 5 - Phibsboro's RV612 is seen loading on Westmoreland Street on a 25A to Lucan. (21/11/08).

Photo 6- Donnybrook's Wedding Bus liveried RV327 is pictured on display in Donnybrook Garage. (June 1997).

Photo 7 - Donnybrook's RV329 is seen on Killarney Road, Bray working a 45A to Ballywaltrim. (10/03/06).

Photo 8 - Summerhill's RV505 is photographed at the 13 terminus on Merrion Square. (November 2001).

Photo 9 - Ringsend's RV572 is seen on Earlsfort Terrace on a 15A to Limekiln Avenue. (09/05/12).

Photo 10 - Donnybrook's RV421 is pictured loading at Lower Grafton Street operating a 45 to Oldcourt. (July 2002).

Photo 11 - Summerhill's RV384 is photographed at Dublin Airport operating a 16A to Nutgrove Avenue. (29th December 2008).

Photo 12- Donnybrook's RV489 is pictured leaving the 17 terminus at Bath Place Blackrock heading for Dolphin's Barn. (28th August 2008).

Photo 13 - Ex.Dublin Bus RV527 now with Dualway transport is seen on a private hire in Shankill. (29th September 2011).

Photo 14 - Dualway's RV527 is pictured at the Parkgate Street gates of the Phoenix Park operating 'The Bloom festival' shuttle service. (2nd June 2012).

Photo 15 - Harristown's RV624 is pictured on South Great George's Street operating route 83 to Harristown. (20th May 2010).

Photo 16 - Clontarf's RV400 is seen laying over at the 27B terminus on Marlborough Street. (October 2003).

Photo 17 - Conyngham Road's RaiLink/Guinness liveried RV520 is photographed loading on Aston Quay on a 90 to Heuston Station. (May 2001).

Photo 18- Conyngham Road based RV532 is pictured on College Green operating route 206 Drumfin - Aston Quay. (28th September 2006).

Photo 19 - Summerhill's RV456 is seen on the Drimnagh Road on a 123 to Drimnagh. (15th June 2006).

Photo 20 - Conyngham Road RV396 is pictured laying over on Blackhall Place. (July 1998).

Photo 21 - Ringsend's RV609 and RV503 are pictured on St. Stephen's Green on routes 15A and 15B. (7th April 2010).

Photo 22 - Donnybrook's RV496 operating a 14 to Dundrum is seen on O'Connell Street Upper. (26th August 2008).

Photo 23 - Donnybrook's RV569 is seen on Quinsborough Road heading for Bray Dart station on a 185 from Shop River. (4th April 2008).

Photo 24 - Summerhill RV383 is photographed under Eason's clock on a 16 to Santry. (July 2002).

Photo 25 - Ringsend's RV535 at the Square Tallaght working a 77A to Ringsend Garage. (8th May 2009).

Photo 26 - Clontarf's RV463 is pictured laying over on Marlborough Street ready to operate a 31 to Howth Summit. (11th November 2006).

Photo 27 - Ringsend's RV534 is pictured on Drimnagh Road on a 77A to Ringsend Road. (21st April 2011).

Photo 28 - Ex.Dublin Bus RV346 (P564- SWC) now with Red Route Buses is seen on Parliament Square London. (17th May 2012).

Photo 29 - Harristown's RV589 is pictured laying over at the 17A terminus at Blanchardstown shopping centre. (8th June 2010).

Photo 30 - Summerhill's RV602 with 'Malahide Road 27 Flyer'  is seen outside Penneys on a 123 to Marino. (July 2002).

Photo 31 - Donnybrook's RV584 is seen on Leeson Street making an appearance on the 11 to Clonskea. (9th May 2012).

Photo 32 - Phibsboro's RV355 is pictured turning onto College Street on a 122 to Drimnagh. (14th December 2007).

Photo 33 - Donnybrook's RV599 is pictured on Wyattville Road on a 7 to Cherrywood. (26th June 2012).

Photo 34 - Summerhill's RV379 is seen on O'Connell Street working a 16 to Kingston. (26th November 2004).

Photo 35 - Donnybrook's RV583 is pictured laying over at the 44 Enniskerry Village terminus. (5th May 2009).

Photo 36 - Phibsboro's RV637 is pictured crawling up the Navan Road to the 122 Ashington terminus. (8th February 2009).

Photo 37 - Summerhills' RV376 is photographed in Santry operating a 16A to Nutgrove Avenue. (29th February 2009).

Photo 38 - Ex.Donnybrook's RV440 now with U.K. operator is seen at Show Bus in Duxford. (26th September 2010).

Photo 39 - Dualway's RV517 is pictured on College Green operating the 'Gravedigger Ghost Tour'. (12th May 2012).

Photo 40 - Ringsend's RV548 is seen passing Trinity College on a 15B to Stocking Avenue. (23th July 2012).

Photo 41 - Donnybrook's RV486 is seen on Quinsboro Road, Bray operating route 145 to Ballywaltrim. (2nd May 2005).

Photo 42 - Donnybrook's RV586 is pictured loading on Upr. O'Connell Street heading southbound on a 7 to Cherrywood. (19th November 2004).

Photo 43 - Donnybrook's RV562 is seen laying over at the 45A terminus at Ballywaltrim, Bray. (7th May 2005).

Photo 44 - Dualway RV494 is pictured on O'Connell Street. (25th June 2012).

Photo 45 - Summerhill's RV435 is pictured passing the Central Bank on a 16 to Kingston. (19th March 2008).

Photo 46 - Phibsboro's CitySwift liveried RV603 is pictured loading at the 39 terminus on Hawkins Street. (October 2003).

Photo 47 - Donnybrook's RV445 is photographed leaving Bray Dart station on route 84 to Newcastle.

Photo 48 - Phibsboro's RV540 is seen in Phibsboro Garage. (June 1999).

Photo 49 - Donnybrook's RV582 is seen at Nutgrove shopping centre working a 17 to Blackrock. (23th February 2012).

Photo 50 - Donnybrook's Green liveried RV326 is pictured parked up in the garage. (June 1998).

Photo 51 - Dualways ex-Dublin Bus RV460 is seen at the Blanchardstown Centre. (22nd June 2012).

Photo 52 - Donnybrook's RV440 is pictured laying over at the 48a terminus on Hawkins Street. (July 2002).

Photo 53 - Harristown's RV628 is pictured at the Blanchardstown Centre on a 270 from Dunboyne. (22nd June 2012).

Photo 54 - Donnybrook's RV327 in a colourful all over advertisement for the 'Lotto' is seen on D'Olier Street operating route 14A from Dundrum. (August 2004).

Photo 55 - Donnybrook's RV559 is photographed on Leeson Street bridge operating a 145 to Bray Dart Station. (29th July 2005).

Photo 56 - Conyngham Road's RV518 wearing a 3/4 all over advertisement for 'GUINNESS' is pictured loading at the 90 stop on Astons Quay. (July 2002).

Photo 57 - RV533 is pictured in Broadstone Garage whilst on temporary loan to Bus Eireann.. (April 2000).


Photo 58 - Dublin Bus RV629 seen in Broadstone on a temporary evaluation loan to Bus Eireann on route 103. (March 2000).

Photo 59 - Donnybrook's RV564,563,561 and RV562 with factory fitted narrow destination displays are seen in the shed in Donnybrook Garage. (March 2000).

Photo 60 - Harristown's RV631 is pictured in Glasnevin heading Northbound on route 83 to Harristown Garage. (21st August 2011).

Photo 61 - Summerhill's RV433 is seen passing the G.P.O. on O'Connell Street on route 123 to Marino. (19th March 2008).

Photo 62 - Phibsboro's RV640 is pictured on College Green on route 122 to Drimnagh. (17th September 2010).

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