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Photo 1 - Harristown's VG27 photographed at the rear of Dublin Airport operating a 40A to Charlestown. (29/04/11).

Photo 2 - Summerhill's KD81 photographed at the back of Dublin airport operating route 60 from Boot Inn - City Centre. (30/06/89).

Photo 3 - Brand new AW class Wrights articulated bendi-buses lined up in Broadstone Garage.

Photo 4 - Phibsboro's RV600 pictured on Westmoreland Street ready to operate Nitelink route 88N to Ashbourne. (December 2001).

Photo 5 - Harristown's RV625 pictured loading at the Blanchardstown centre heading for Dunboyne on route 270. (29/04/11).

Photo 6 - Donnybrook's D347 photographed passing the Gresham hotel on O'Connell Street heading southbound on route 14A to Meadow Grove.

Photo 7 - Harristown's RV558 photographed loading festival goers at the Oxygen festival in Punchestown. (2008)

Photo 8 - Phibsboro's VT55 photographed loading in the Blanchardstown Centre on route 39a.(20/04/11).

Photo 9 - Phibsboro's Volvo Wrights Gemini VG6 photographed in Blanchardstown Centre.(20/04/11).

Photo 10 - Clontarf's D620 photographed transporting football supporters at Lansdowne road. (June 1989.)

Photo 11- Ringsend's D355 photographed turning onto Aston Quay operating route 81 to Bangor Road.

Photo 12 - Donnybrook's KD353 seen at the Point Depot for a publicity show for C.A.N. advertising, (1989).

Photo 13 - Donnybrook's RH87 in an all over advertisement for Coco-Cola seen loading on Burgh Quay on route 7.

Photo 14 - Broadstone's AW12 pictured loading on Aston Quay operating route 90A to Heuston Station. (September 2001).

Photo 15 - Donnybrook's AV151 in an allover livery for photographed in the grounds of Dromoland castle.(26/06/04).

Photo 16 - Former, and long term Limerick resident D483 had by April 1985 found itself transferred to Dublin for further use. It wound up like all its soul mates in Ringsend, and was often to be found on the 55, where itis seen outbound in a rather scruffy looking Aungier Street, just opposite the Carmelite Church in Whitefriar Street. 483 was one of the better examples to arrive in the capital from Limerick, displaced from there by a KC class single deck.

Photo 17 - In 1985 Donnybrook based D755 sported an all over advertisement livery for 'Bailieboro Co-op' The eye catching livery however was short lived as the Co-Op failed mid way through the 2 year contract.

Photo 18 - Phibsboro's D377 seen on George's Street operating a 12 to Palmerston Park. ( December 1984).

Photo 19 - Donnybrook's KC31 pictured laying over outside the Screen cinema on Hawkins street. (January 1984).

Photo 20 - Donnybrook's RA177 in the allover 'Nitelink' photographed at the Eminem concert in 2005.

Photo 21 - Phibsboro's D259 pictured on George's Street working a 12 to Palmerston Park. (13th December 1984).

Photo 22 - Summerhill's DF465 and Ringsend's KD329 pictured on Dame Street.

Photo 23 - Clontarf's AV242 seen turning onto Beresford Place on route 53B to Dublin Port. (24/04/10).

Photo 24 - Clontarf's D658 pictured laying over on Marlborough Street.

Photo 25 - Phibsboro's D326 photographed at the 12 terminus in Cabra. (January 1985).

Photo 26 - Donnybrook's D290 on a very calm O'Connell Street.

Photo 27 - Phibsboro's DF517 pictured on O'Connell Street heading for Palmerstown on a 12.

Photo 28 - Summerhill's Airlink liveried VG47 and Phibsboro's VG1 pictured on O'Connell Street. (24/04/10).

Photo 29 - Ringsend's DF501 seen loading outside Clerys on a busy 3 to Sandymount tower.

Photo 30 - Summerhill's WV25 seen heading for Drimnagh on route 123. (24/04/10).

Photo 31 - Cork based KD179 seen heading for Ballyphehane on route 3.
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