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Page up-dated 23/10/13.

On 23th August 2012 GT1 Became The First Of 80 Volvo B9TL Wrights Eclipse Gemini Buses To Arrive At Donnybrook Garage For Dublin Bus.

GT 1 -80 Vehicle Details Are As Follows.

Passenger Capicity : 45 Upper saloon, 23 Or 24 Seated Passenger Lower Saloon, 1 Wheelchair User And 14 Standees In The Lower Saloon.

Height 4395

Length 10,634

Width 2520

ENGINE TYPE ::Volvo D9B260, 6 Cylinder, Turbocharged, Interecooled. Euro5.

Power :262hp @1900 rpm.

For more on the GT class visit our GT page - link below.



Donnybrook's GT1 arrives at the garage.(23/08/12).

Wrights Gemini GT1 for Dublin Bus is pictured in the Wright's compound at Ballymena, Co Antrim (27/07/12).

GT1 Emergency Call !


Wrights Gemini GT1 and GT2 arrived at Dublin Bus Broadstone today 17th August, the first of 80 new buses to be delivered over the next few months.




Donnybrook's GT3 is pictured loading on O'Connell Bridge operating a 7 to Loughlinstown. (29th September 2012).


GT5 on it's first day in service is seen loading at the 7 terminus at Loughlinstown. (03/09/12).


Donnybrook's GT7 in the yard on driver training duties.


Donnybrook's Wrights Gemini GT7 is seen on Upper O'Connell Street working an 8 to Dalkey. (8th April 2013).


On it's first day in serrvice Donnybrook's GT8 is pictured on Georges Street, Dun Loaghaire. (03/09/12)


Donnybrook's GT10 is pictured passing the G.P.O. on a 7 to Mountjoy Square. (10th September 2012).


Donnybrook's Wrights Gemini GT12 is pictured loading at the 145 stop on Aston Quay. (25th February 2013).


Donnybrook's GT12 sits at the 44 terminus at Larkhill ready to operate the 21:00 service to Enniskerry. (21st May 2013).


Donnybrook's new Wrights Gemini GT14 is pictured on O'Connell Street operating the 17:30 7B to Shankill. (18th September 2012).


Donnybrook's Wrights Gemini GT17 makes a rare appearance on orbital route 17 Blackrock - Rialto, and is pictured laying over at Blackrock by day and night. (23th February 2013).


Rinsend's RV600 on it's way to Broadstone to be withdrawn from service is seen passing Donnybrook's GT20 on O'Connell Street on it's first day in service. (17th September 2012).


Harristowns GT32 is seen on O'Connell Street on it's first day in service on route 4 to Monkstown Avenue.
(15th October 2012).

GT 51,52 & 53

Summerhill's allocations GT51,52 & 53 are on temporary loan at Donnybrook garage, whilst it awaits the arrival of GT17,19 & 21 at the depot. (20th October 2012).


Summerhill's Wrights Gemini GT51 is pictured on O'Connell Street making an appearance on cross city route 123 Marino - Walkinstown. (20th December 2012).


Summerhill's Wright Gemini GT59 is pictured loading at the busy 123 stop at Penneys on O'Connell Street. (24th June 2013).


Summerhill's Wrights Gemini GT59 makes an appearance on the 123 to Marino. (24th June 2013).


Clontarf's Wrights Gemini GT60 on it's First day in service on route 29A to Newgrove is pictured loading on Abbey Street. (7th November 2012.)


Clontarf's new Wright's Gemini GT64 is pictured leaving the garage on a 104 to Santry. (2nd December 2012).


Ringsend's new Wrights Gemini GT73 is seen loading on Townsend Street on route 1 Santry - Sandymount. (9th December 2012).


Ringsend's Wrights Gemini GT73 is seen loading on O'Connell Street operating a 1 to Sandymount. (20th December 2012).


GT81 is the first in a batch of 80 Wright Geminis for Dublin Bus and is pictured here in Broadstone depot awaiting pre-delivery inspection. (4th July 2013).


Donnybrook's GT81 is pictured at the 44 terminus in Enniskerry Village waiting to operate the last cross city service to Larkhill. (8th August 2013).


Donnybrook's Enviro400 EV97 meets brand new Wrights Gemini GT90 at the 44 terminus in Enniskerry Village. (28th July 2013).


Donnybrooks Based GT90 poses with privately preserved 1972 ex-Summerhill Leyland Atlantean D464 at the 3/44 terminus in Larkhill. (28th July 2013).


Donnybrook's GT95 is pictured loading at the 7 stop on Upper O'Connell Street. (17th August 2013).


 Donnybrook's GT96 is seen approaching the 114 terminus at Blackrock train station. (28th August 2013).


GT100 the last Wright Gemini allocation for Donnybrook garage is seen laying over at the 17 terminus at Bath Place, Blackrock. (28th August 2013).


Brand new Wright Geminis GT106 - 101 are pictured in Broadstone garage awaiting delivery to Ringsend garage. (17th August 2013).

More photos of the GT's over on Here.

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