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Photo 1 - Phibsboro AD48 in fleet standard livery photographed on Mourne Road, Drimnagh operating route 122 to Ashington. (02/02/06).

Photo 2 - Summerhill's WV36 in City Imp livery photographed on Cooley Road, Drimnagh operating on route 123 to Marino. (11/04/06).

Photo 3 - Conyngham road's EV57 photographed at the 68 terminus at Newscastle. (03/04/11)


Photo 4 - Phibsboro's MV76 photographed laying over in the Blanchardstown Centre (02/01/03).

Photo 5 - Donnybrook's VL2 photographed on Marine Road, Dun Laoghaire operating route 59A to Mackintosh Park. (16/02/03).

Photo 6 - Conyngham Road's VA4 pictured at the 210 terminus on Dolphin's Barn. (31/03/06).

Photo 7 - Phibsboro's VG5 photographed in the snow at the 38 terminus in I.B.M. Damastown. (21/12/10).

Photo 8 - Harristown's AW6 pictured loading on the Ballymun Road heading southbound on route 4 to St.Vincent's Hospital. (12/03/06).

Photo 9 - Phibsboro's RV631 pictured at the 134 terminus on McKelvey Avenue, Finglas. (08/03/03).

Photo 10 - Phibsboro's RV612 photographed at the 33X terminus in Skerries awaiting the 06:00 departure to St.Stephen's Green. (26/08/09).

Photo 11 - Phibsboro's VG5 seen at the Luas Red Cow station operating a Tram replacement bus service during essential track maintenance works. (12/04/10).

Photo 12 - Donnybrook's AX541 photographed loading on O'Connell Street upper on short lived route 7E. (30/07/07).

Photo 13 - Harristown's RV617 in CitySwift livery seen laying over at Liffey Valley centre. (26/03/05).

Photo 14 - Conyngham road's AV298 operating route 76A pictured laying over in the Square centre,Tallaght. (28/03/11).

Photo 15 - Broadstone's AV177 photographed laying over in Belfield after operating Xpresso route 70B from Blanchardstown Road North. (21/10/10).

Photo 16 - Phibsboro based AV438 pictured in a snow covered route 19 terminus on Bulfin Road. Kilmaninham. (02/12/10).

Photo 17 - Phibsboro's RV612 pictured in the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown ready to operate route 38B. (12/03/10).

Photo 18 - Donnybrook's brand new VT1 photographed in Monkstown farm, Dun Laoghaire operating a 46A on first day of service of the VT class. (18/12/05).

Photo 19 - Donnybrook's RV583 photographed at the Cherrywood terminus of route 7. (03/03/05).

Photo 20 - Clontarf's Enviro 400 EV16 pictured at the 43 terminus in Swords Business Park. (28/08/10).

Photo 21 - Conyngham road's AX525 photographed in Grange Castle ready to operate a 51C service via I.A.W.S. (08/03/11).

Photo 22 - Phibsboro's RV639 pictured at the 220 terminus in Ballymun. (22/03/07).

Photo 23 - Broadstone's AV146 pictured laying over on Waterloo Road. (09/11/10).

Photo 24- Phibsboro's VT57 at the 37 terminus on Burlington Mews. (13/11/10)

Photo 25 - Phibsboro's AX449 resting at the Captains Hill terminus of route 66A. (28/10/10).

Photo 26 - Conyngham road's RV591 pictured at the 78 terminus at Liffey Valley shopping centre. (29/03/11).

Photo 27 - Conyngham road's AV193 photographed at the 25b Adamstown train station terminus. (10/02/11).

Photo 28 - Phibsboro's ME21 out on a maintenance call in the Glenview Ind. Estate, Rialto. (12/03/06).

Photo 29 - Phibsboro's AV139 pictured laying over at the 25a terminus at Superquinn Lucan. (15/11/10).

Photo 30 - Phibsboro's AX590 pictured on a snow covered Merrion Square. (28/11/10).

Photo 31 - Conyngham road's AV352 pictured at platform 10 Heuston station. (14/04/11).
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